Vier Leistungskurse haben im Juli 2017 eine Woche in London verbracht.

  15. Juli 2017    von Eileen K. und Elena G., Redaktion: Frau Gohla

Vier Leistungskurse der Q2 haben im Juli 2017 eine Woche in London verbracht. Die Schülerinnen Elena und Eileen berichten von ihren Highlights während des Aufenthaltes und geben Tipps für eine Reise in die britische Landeshauptstadt – selbstverständlich auf Englisch. Viel Spaß beim Lesen!


The bus journey and our first day in the city

Our trip to London started on Saturday, the 8th of July. The bus picked us up in front of the school at 5 p.m. and we drove trough the entire night, arriving in London at noon the next day.

We drove trough several countries, including the Netherlands,Belgium, and France where we finally took the ferry from Calais to Dover.

Once we had arrived in London tired and exhausted, we dropped our luggage off at the hostel and explored the streets of London.

On our first day we also visited St. Paul’s Cathedral, which is free to get in on Sundays.

St. Paul's Cathedral


Our Accommodation: Clink 78

The hostel we stayed at was located very centrally just a short walk away from Kings Cross Station.

The rooms included four bunk beds, so eight people could stay in one room in total. Showers and bathrooms were shared by hostel guests on each floor, but the showers did include separate compartments, so don't worry about that, if you're planning on staying there yourself.

There was also a kitchen that could be used by all guests of the hostel. It included multiple stoves and a fridge.Some of us cooked dinner on a few nights during our stay, which was a good way of saving money since eating out in London can get quite expensive.


Some highlights of our trip


London Eye

While we did have to wait in queue for about an hour, the view was great and worth the wait. Special tip: Book your tickets online. It saves you money and time!

The London Eye


Camden Market

Camden Market, or rather Camden Markets, are a number of retail markets where you can browse through market stalls offering a variety of clothes, jewellry, food and accessoires.

If you want to eat good food at a cheap price, this is the place to go.

There are a variety of food stands offering food from different countries. If you are unsure what to try, taste the samples first and indulge in the culinary variety.

Even if you're not hungry or don't want to spend any money, it's a great place to look around and enjoy the great atmosphere.

Camden Market

Camden Market


Leisure Time

We had a lot of free time and it was up to us deciding what we wanted to do or see. This gave us the chance to explore London on our own, which we enjoyed a lot. We travelled around by tube or by bus since we had a 7-day travel card.

Shopping on Oxford Street, visiting public museums/galleries (the admission is always free!) and sightseeing are just a few of the things we did during that time.

Our group

text and pictures by Eileen K. and Elena G.