Englisch-Unterricht 8. Klasse und Pandemie

  19. April 2021

Vor dem Hintergrund der internationalen “Black Lives Matter” Proteste des vergangenen Jahres vollzieht dieses Gedicht die Gedanken einer Person of Color in den USA nach. Geschrieben wurde es aus der Sicht der 11-jährigen Jolia Bossette.

Stuck in the Past


by Abdoulaye Anta Diop, 8d, 2021

People see me as dangerous

The reason being pretty obvious

Always talking about “it”, always thinking about “maybe”

But if someone asks “why”, they become irrational and lazy

People act as if we donʼt bleed the same blood, speak the same language

Breathe the same air and feel the same damage

If I canʼt leave my house without getting arrested and shot

Then what else should I do? Pray my prayer and rot?

Iʼm the daughter of my mother

I like my hair curly, I like my nose so wide

And to keep my pride, I do not need to be white

I just want to be seen as everyone else

Without anyone assuming my wealth

Assuming the worst of me

My criminal history

Iʼm sick of the lies and sick of hypocrisy

I want to be safe and wish the same for my family