LK Englisch im Sept. '22 beim Literaturfestival

  16. Februar 2023

On the 8th of September 2022, two Q3 English classes went to the highly popular International Literature Festival, where over 150 authors present themselves at around 200 events in Berlin. We got to experience a meet and greet with the US-American author Angeline Boulley, who just had her literature debut with the novel Firekeeper’s Daughter, which tells the story of Daunis Fontaine, a biracial tribal member who investigates a shocking murder. Interestingly, Higher Ground, a production company owned by Barack and Michelle Obama, has already purchased the rights to adapt Firekeeper's Daughter into a TV series which will be released on Netflix.

The meeting started with a gathering where the host was able to ask questions. Angeline Boulley talked about the Native American culture represented in the book as well as about the process of writing this novel. Furthermore, she read a few chapters for us, which made the whole experience even more special. Afterwards we, as the audience, got the chance to ask a couple of questions. The highlight of this event was the book signing though. You could get a personalised signature by Angeline Boulley and talk to her. We were even able to take a quick picture with her as a group. It was a first for most of us and an amazing moment. Angeline Boulley seems to be a very humble and friendly person. It was a great experience!

Selin Avgören, LK EB (Fr. Sprzagala) & Lara Plagens, LK EN (Fr. Heusinger)