Englisch-Unterricht Q2 und Pandemie

  19. April 2021

Diese Rede führt von einem trüben Rückblick auf das Jahr 2020 zu einem hoffnungsvollen Blick auf 2021. Stilistisch orientiert sie sich dabei an Martin Luther Kings berühmter Rede "I Have a Dream".

von Charlotte Bretz (LK Englisch / Q2)

Dear 2020,

I think we can all agree that you were not what we expected you to be. We might not want to remember you, but we will never forget you. You have been a messy and a tragic year. However, you also taught us lessons and gave us new dreams to fight for. I want to talk about those dreams like Martin Lutzer King talked about his dreams in 1963.

Where can we start?

Starting with the worst fire season on record in Australia, where nearly three billion animals were killes or displaced.

Starting with the people who were killed by an overwhelming explosion in Lebanon and the later earthquake in the Aegean Sea.

Starting with the coronavirus, which has taken more than 1,5 million lives, devastated exonomies across the globe, and changed the way we live.

There are plenty more events that happened in 2020. To sum it all up, 2020 was a roller coaster. A roller coaster I was scared of. An enormous and arduous roller coaster surrounded by dark and thunderous clouds.

Yet, a movement was created. A movement for black lives. A movement to fight for freedom, liberation, and justice. After the death of George Floyd approximately 26 million people participated in demonstrations in the United States. This movement shows us that a tragedy can be a starting point for something good. The dreadful ride on the roller coaster ends, and we arrive at the station. During the ride I created my own dreams.

I have a dream that we learn from the bushfires in Australia and quickly start to stop climate change.

I have a dream that we learn from the explosion in Lebanon to help each other out more.

I have a dream that we learn from the global pandemic and work together more and better, even if we have to do it online.

I have a dream that we keep fighting injustice.

I have a dream that we learn from our mistakes and try to avoid repeating them.


Good bye, 2020.

Dear 2021,