Celebrating Diversity

  13. November 2019    von Irem S. & Betül K., Q3

Last semester we did a project in our English A-level course on the topic "Celebrating Diversity". Our task was to make a podcast on a self-chosen topic such as "Friendship across cultures", "My mixed up world" or "Intercultural love". The aim of this project was to make us realise the relevance of diversity and find out about the positive sides of interculturalism - a very important and international topic since there are many different cultures in every possible country nowadays. Unfortunately, a lot people have prejudices against certain cultures, which is why we want to demonstrate that every culture is unique, has its own beauties and that we cannot prevent different cultures from mixing. There are a lot of benefits of diversity that we should know about and embrace.

In conclusion, we can say that this project has helped us learn about different perspectives regarding interculturalism. Now, we no longer think only about possible problems or difficulties, we are also aware of the benefits which have led to a nicer and more open view on diversity.

Illustration by Seyyed de la Llata, Gulf News