We won the second place in the Berlin School Debate Competition!

  02. Februar 2018    von Frau Constabel

Our debate club juniors defended their second place from last year. This was only topped by Elin F. (9b) and Abigail D. (9b) winning first and second place respectively for best junior speakers in Berlin. Congratulations!

With Leibniz-Gymnasium hosting the competition, all participating schools had to take part in three debate rounds. Our first junior team (Polly B., Rafia A., Asita B.) had to debate whether German schools should introduce detention or not (we were against this). Even though our team lost the debate against Leibniz-Gymnasium, Rafia – a newbie – was voted best speaker of this debate! Our second team (Irem S., Abigail D., Elin F.) successfully convinced the jury that teenagers need more challenges. Both teams argued their way passionately with our team not only winning the debate but also with Elin turning out to be the best speaker of this debate! For the impromptu debate all teams only had 30 minutes prep time after the motion draw. The motion was “This House believes that time is more important than money” with us proposing the motion. Our team (Labinot H., Abigail D., Elin F.) was able to once more convince the jury of our position. After an intense and impressive debate from both teams, Elin – again – came out best speaker of this debate. We congratulate Gabriele-von-Bülow-School (Reinickendorf) for winning both, the junior and the senior competitions! Yet, we have our eyes set on them while gearing up for the summer debates in mid-June this year ;-)

Special thanks goes out to our alumna Merve Sarica for supporting us throughout the whole day.