Debating Competition

  07. November 2018    von Evelin C. (7a)

We won the debate competition!

Two weeks ago, the debate club took part in the annual debate competition yet again, this time hosted by Georg-Büchner-Gymnasium. The way the competition works is that every school (and its respective teams; juniors and or seniors) takes part in 3 debate rounds with each round having its own motion. The first two motions are revealed before the competition so you can prepare in advance, whilst the 3rd motion is revealed after the 2nd break during the competition. This is called an impromptu motion, because you only have 30 minutes to prepare. The motions were as follows: This House would lower the age of criminal responsibility to twelve, This House would make it mandatory for parents to track their children  and lastly, the impromptu motion This House would have more impromptu motions in competitions.

vlnr: Meike (10c), Elin (10b), Abigail (10b), Rafia (9b), Evelin (7a), Helene (7a), Karim (10b


As for the debate rounds, we had a different team for each motion: In the first debate, our team consisted of Evelin C., Karim R. and Elin F., with Karim being our reply speaker. In the second debate, our team consisted of Rafia A., Meike G. and Abigail D., with the reply speaker being Abigail. Lastly, for the third debate, Meike G., Abigail D. and Elin F. were representing our club one last time, with Abigail as our reply speaker.

Abigail and Elin, best junior speakers of the competition

In the end, we won all three rounds and thus the debate competition for the juniors. On top of that Abigail and Elin were voted best junior speakers for the whole competition. Congratulations!

Junior teams are students from Year 7 to Year 10. Senior teams are students from Year 11 to Year 12.