Corona Memories

  17. Juni 2020

Die Folgenden Texte und Poster sind Ergebnisse eines Projekts aus dem Englischunterricht der Klasse 8a mit Frau Verrel.


My daily routine 

In the afternoon I call friends or go out with one friend sometimes. There are only two friends I meet, one friend at a time. We go for walks and keep the minimum distance of 1,5 meters. We talk about how quarantine is going for us and every time we come to the same result: we want to be back in school. Four weeks ago, I would never have said this! (FL)


A look into the future

Life after the lockdown. 

“On my first day after the lockdown I will enjoy walking through the streets and looking into the sun. I also will enjoy going with my friends and family and eating ice cream in the park. I really look forward to seeing my friends, to having normal school, to talking with people not over my phone and walking to to school and enjoying the sun. “ (BE)

On the first day after the lockdown I want to go to my grandparent´s house to hug my grandma and grandpa. (GP)

On the first day after the lockdown I’ll continue to be careful because maybe the virus is still somewhere. I think it will be difficult to get used to public life again since we all have been at home for a long time. 
I really look forward to the virus disappearing and us finally returning to our normal lives. 

On the first day after the lockdown I’m going to go out with a big crowd of friends. At least ten friends at the same time, if that is permitted. I miss them very much and I’m sad that I can’t see them. I will ask my mom for some money and we will all go out to eat pizza together in a restaurant. I also really look forward to going back to school. And I will be happy to see my dad. I also miss him very much. When all the shops are open again, I am going to go shopping with my mom, because I need some new clothes. But before that I will go to the hairdresser and get my hair cut. My mom says I look like a “Vogelscheuche”. When cinemas reopen I will go and see nice movies. (FL)

“On the first day after the lockdown I want to go see my friends in school and I hope I’ll have  lots of fun with them. I’ll also try to do more sports.” (PR)

“On the first day after the lockdown I’m obviously going to go back to school, but it’s probably very hard for all of us to get back into rhythm, but I really look forward to seeing my friends there. Further, I will definitely visit my grandparents because I miss them very much. I probably will go shopping or to a restaurant or to the cinema with my family because I really miss that too. ” (IL)

“On the first day after the lockdown I’m going to meet my friends because I really want to spend time with them. I really look forward to seeing my grandparents again.” (SS)

“… I also want to go eat sushi. I haven’t had any in weeks, so I bet it’ll taste even better after the lockdown. My family is really close, so I guess it makes us all really upset that we aren’t able to meet up, but after the lockdown I really look forward to meeting up with my family again! I miss hanging out with people and goofing around, and it makes me really sad to think about it. I suddenly remember the time before the lockdown when we were able to have fun as much as we wanted.” 

“After the lockdown I would immediately go shopping and meet my friends. I also really look forward to going to school again and to hugging all my friends. I really miss my old life.” (JV)


What I learned from this situation:

I learned that you have to always wash your hands when you come home and you shouldn´t buy too many noodles or toilet paper, because some people can´t get any and others have like five packs of them. (GP)

From this situation I learned that I need to see my friends and should go out more with them and more with just one friend only. It is boring to be alone and no fun. It is important to have somebody who listens to you and gives you feedback. Next, I should go out more and enjoy the fresh air. What I also learned is that school is much better than home-schooling because in school you have a teacher who tells you what you have to do and who explains you things that you don’t understand. (FL)

“I think I learned that we can work the same way like we did in school before. I just study on my own at home. I also learned that we should stick together in a terrible time, where we can’t do what we want.” (PR)

“… that I should be happy to go outside and spend time with people I like.” (SS)

“During these days we all see how happy we can be to go to school for free and that being homeschooled is very hard for many of us. Our health system is one of the best in the world, but we should be a little kinder and help old and sick people more, especially during these hard times.” (IL)

From this situation I’ve learned that we all have to stick together, especially in difficult times like this. We should also take good care of each other and respect and protect people who belong to the risk group.”

„I think I learned how much significant it is to do school stuff in school and not
    at another place and how important it is to have a teacher around you. Even
    atmosphere is important.“ (ET)

“I think I learned from this situation how important it is to have people around you. They are a big part of your happiness and also life. Something like this might happen again and might come out of nowhere again. Appreciating even the smallest things is very important. I think we all miss even the smallest things right now.” (ZK)

“I learned from this situation that it is not a joke and you have to take the precautions of the government seriously. It is not only for ourselves that we are staying at home but also for all people that are sick and old. They need to be safe since their immune system is weaker than ours. To keep everyone safe I learned that social distancing is extremely important. This virus can be easily spread and is probably almost everywhere already, so we have to be very careful where we go and should not forget to wash our hands when we come home.”(SO)

“I learned from this situation that communication is very important and that social contact in real life with other people is way more important than I thought. I alos learned how to be a bit more independent than I was before, because of homeschooling.” (JV)

“I think I didn’t learn so much from this situation. Well, I think I learned that school is boring, busy and stressful at the same time, but homeschooling isn’t better. Homeschooling is stressful, annoying and difficult. 
I also learned that someone who is unemployed doesn’t have a better life. Being at home all the time and having only little work but no one who motivates you is not great.” (VG)

I also learned how to appreciate the small things in life like going to school every day. (RH)