Unterrichtsorganisation im Distanzunterricht

In Zeiten des corona-bedingten Distanzunterrichts wurde die Arbeit der Klassen und Schüler*innen vor allem durch Klassen-Padlets organisiert. Durch diese virtuellen erweiterten Stundenpläne konnten alle einen Überblick über die online abgehaltenen Video-Konferenzen und Chats behalten. Außerdem wurden auf diesem Wege Materialien und Links geteilt. Nicht nur für Pandemie-Zeiten haben sich die Padlets als sinnvolles und für die Organisation wirkungsvolles Werkzeug erwiesen.


Auch eine sogenannte virtuelle Tafel kam zum Einsatz. (siehe unten):


Willkommen im ZUMpad!

Auf diesem Pad wird der Text beim Schreiben gesichert und synchronisiert. Das erlaubt den Teilnehmern in Echtzeit (d.h. kollaborativ) zusammenzuarbeite! Mehr zum ZUMpad ist hier zu erfahren: https://www.zum.de/portal/ZUMpad

Please write your name and answers to task 5b) in here. Do not upload, but write them in here. Please write your name first and then add your ideas for 5b) Thanks. OK, name first and then write in your answers underneath, thanks...

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LG, Clauß

Rayen: I would have taken Part in the Standing March, i think it is a great idea because climate change is a very important theme. Also Global warming is a serious problem and it should be important for everybody.

Rana: I would have taken part in "The Standing March" as well because climate change is something which we cannot avoid or pretend it does not exist. This idea would be something good in order to "fight" for a better future. However, I would do something else too, like cleaning specific places myself in order to take things into my own hands as well apart from this project.

Hannah:I would have like to participate in the standing March because I support cool art projects like these and consider myself an advocate against global warming and want to have a functioning planet for further generations to come

Samantha: I probably would have taken part in "The Standing March" , one of the reasons being that it is a project that serves a good cause . If you want the future to get better for you and the people around you, you have to do something about it. Politics has a big influence in everyone's everyday life's. Showing politicians that people also want to be involved in their policies is a way to do something for everyone.

Henning: I would have taken part in the standing March, because global warming is a serious mordern problem and did not have to say anything, because the only thing the people did, was just to stand their and nodding with their heads and thats not difficult to do.

Ilza: I probably wouldn't have taken part in "The Standing March", but I think it is a great idea for demonstrating in a pandemic because they aren't actually next to each other but still find a way to demonstrate against something which needs to be demonstrated. It looks powerful and shows that people are actually "watching" and are affected by global warming.

Twashana: I would not have taken part in "The Standing March", because I doubt the fact it would've created a big difference. Instead I'd take bigger actions, like cleaning specific areas, besides I don't want entire France to be able to see my face and I'd help in a more discrete way. Yet I still think it's a good ides and shows power that the people hold and pushes politicians to do more and better.

Antonia: I would like to take part in the Standing March even though it is just performative and doesnt actively help the problem of climate change. It still is an important message because people need to wake up and face the issue of global warming.

I would have taken part in "The Standing March", because I would try to change something, even if it's just a little bit and because politicians should remember, that there are public and important opinions.

Maria: I would’ve taken part in the standing March because I want to have a functioning planet for me in the next few generations. The art project was also very cool I would’ve love to support it, it was a very good international project to bring people to close together and to educate them.

     I would have participated in the Standing March, because I think climate change is the threat for the future. Also the people must not visited Paris to this event, you could stay at home. The projection was also shown at many places, so that much attention was paied. Also in times of a global pandemic it¬¥s a good and creative opportunity to demonstrate, so maybe the creator uses these "tool" in the future.

Irmak: I would've taken part  because I'd like to do to something against global warming and because of the pandemic I think that this event would be a great chance to do so.
Jasper: I personally would have taken part in the standing march because i think it is an more  way of protest and it creates attention to people by that it is also better to give the politicians the feeling of how important the community and its opinion is.

Lavinia: I would have taken part at The Standing March because global warming is a big issue and I want to help the planet and I really like demonstrations for a good cause.

I personally would've taken part in the Standing March because it's important to fight against global warming and dedicate attention to this major problem. Another reason is to speak up, especially if it's about saving our planet. And I think that with the help of 500 other people, people will finally realise how serious this issue is and I'd be glad to be one of those who are educated about this topic and want a change.

Pares: The Standing March was a very good idea but I think I wouldn`t have taken part because it looks boring even though it is important to protect our world.

Selene:  I would participate in this project because the main subject ‚ÄúGlobal Warming‚Äù is really important for me and should be one of the main issues of everyone. I really like that it‚Äôs a silent movement. Even though nobody says anything their faces say more than 1000 words, in my opinion.

Tahir: I would have taken part of The Standing March because the climate change is a important topic for me.

Michelle: I would have taken part in The Standing March, because I find the topic climate change and global warming very interesting and important. Everyone should know that climate change is real and that it is affecting us in so many ways.

Juliana: I personally wouldn't have taken place in the Standing March because even though I think politicians should act more drastically and do atleast something to prevent the climat change from worsening, I dislike the idea if my face being shown on a builing. That's aswell why I admire these people for standing up for themselves with their faces more or less.

    Paula: I would have taken part in "the standing March" because global warming is a big issue which affects us all and has to be solved. I think it is a very creative idea to do the whole protest virtual and so make it possible for people all over the world to join. A reminde for politicans that public opinion does matter. Making the protest virtual hepls the planet because people wanting to participate don't have to travel with cars for example.

Anna: I would like to take part, because I think it's really connecting and it's great to be part of a community of people who all support the same idea of the need to do something against the climate change.