Five English LKs - one Hamburg dream

  05. Januar 2023

Long drives, cold weather, rainy days. Still it didn’t stop us from having fun.

After we had arrived, everyone went to the astonishing Elbtunnel, which in total is about 3325 metres long, and then to the checkpoint, where we witnessed a romantic proposal. We took lots of pictures of our group and looked at the foggy yet beautiful harbour view. Afterwards we took the ferry from “Landungsbrücke”, the station where our hostel was, to “Fischerei Hafen”. For us personally, taking the ferry as a means of public transportation was a very unusual experience, but it was still very nice. After that, we had the individual choice to do whatever we wanted. However, most us chose to drive back to get some food. Our group decided to eat an Italian restaurant at the Reeperbahn. Luckily, one of us received an insider tip at the checkpoint to visit the “Dom”, Hamburg’s most famous funfair in the city. We went on several rides, such as the autoscooter and the pendulum ride, and ate typical funfair food, such as roasted almonds, as well as chocolate covered fruit. We then went back to the hostel where we spent the rest of the evening with other classmates and let the night fade away. On day two, we had an early breakfast at 8 am, checked-out, and had free time to go downtown. Our group went to the mall at “Jungfernstieg” and had lunch. It was very interesting to see the different sides of the city, especially when comparing the downtown to Reeperbahn, for example. All in all, our short trip to Hamburg was a great alternative since our senior class didn’t get to have a proper senior trip.

written by Derya, Lisa, Nisa, Anna, and Ilza